On the afternoon of Saturday 31st August,  Adornas Kitchens & Interiors hosted the very first Nicola Parkes Upholstery Lampshade Making Workshop.

As part of Craft NI month, tickets were available via Nicola Parkes, and Event Brite- which made booking easy for some newbies to the Bangor area.

All that was needed was a willingness to try new things, and a length of your favourite fabric!

The intimate workshop of just eight people, meant that everyone had space to work, and plenty of one-on-one time with Nicola, who was on hand to guide these rookies on how to make their own lampshades.

Once introductions were out of the way, Nicola began coaching on the steps required to make a start- and the teams were split in to pairs.  Each pair having their own dedicated space, they were able to spread out and get started. 

Making a lampshade is not as difficult as it looks, however it was clear that precision is important! One wrong cut, and potentially your fabric is scrap! There are a number of stages in the process, all requiring patience, but also teamwork!

As well as Nicola’s continuous guidance, often the pairs had to help each other in the intricate rolling of the lamp shades. With a lampshade of this size, it would be difficult to do this alone!

One of the most enjoyable things about workshops can be the opportunity to meet new people! None of the attendees had met before, and a number of them exchanged contact information and social media accounts- excited about the possibility of learning something new at a different workshop!

Amongst craft amateurs we also had some creative attendees linked to the world Interior Design and fashion! Grainne Maher of Grainne Maher Millinery / Pluck & Devour (below right), and Catherine the owner of Hello Dandy Lion in Holywood attended and did not dissapoint with their bold fabric choices! Check out that stunning flamingo print!

We also had two lovely ladies in attendance who designed these stunning coastal inspired lampshades for holiday homes in Donegal.

Everyone left the worktop thrilled with their creations, and hopefully with the confidence to now try this at home- never buying a High Street lampshade again? Why would you, when you can create something truly unique- that matches your decor exactly!

This workshop was hosted during the day, with refreshments and treats from The Guillemot (Bangor). Further workshops are planned, including an evening worktop with wine, tapas and music!If you are interested in one of our workshops, contact us or Nicola Parkes to find out more information.


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