Once you have viewed your new kitchen design in-store, we’ll probably start talking to you about the overall scheme for your room. Depending on the age of your home, the style of your new cabinets and the colour scheme you have chosen – certain colours, materials and finishes will be more suitable for your room.

Our experienced team will help guide you, and show you examples of wall coverings that will suit your new look room. Of course you can begin this process at any stage in your kitchen planning journey.

There are a number of fantastic online resources available to inspire you. Our top two are Pinterest, and Houzz. These are enormous online image banks, packed with examples of kitchens just like yours. We’re very active on these sites, and encourage you to follow us, and create your own ‘boards’ that we will follow. Check out! Pinterest, Houzz.

Here are just a few of your options for wall coverings…


Using tile in kitchens is nothing new, however there is an awful lot more available than the humble ‘metro tile’. Patterned tiles have the ability to transform an otherwise minimalist space in to something striking and memorable. This client opted for a geometric design from our friends at Ceramica Etc. Based in Balloo, Bangor- they have Northern Ireland largest selection of wall and floor tiles.

Choosing a bold design might be too permanent for some people, if this is the case why not consider a coloured tile? A simple metro tile can be elevated to designer status by opting for your favourite shade. This tile if from Fired Earth, and was chosen to compliment the apartment’s coastal views.

2. Glass Splashbacks

Glass Splashbacks are a modern and easy-clean alternative to tiles. With virtually seamless joins, you won’t have to worry about cleaning grout lines and discoloured sealants. Glass is also safer than you might think! The Glass Splashbacks we use are made from Toughened Safety Glass, meaning they are the safest you can get. They are virtually shatter resistant, but also heat resistant to 220°. 

One of the other biggest selling points about Glass Splashbacks is that they are completely customisable! Its possible to have a fully fitted splashback shaped around plug sockets, switches, windows and cooker hoods. They are also available in any colour, pattern or image, as well as in gloss or matt glass. For more information on Glass Splashbacks click here. 


Adornas Kitchens offer Stone Splashbacks in two ways. Firstly, a Quartz or Granite Splashback that matches worktops. This can be in the form of Stone Upstands (see No.5) and Splashbacks. Quartz can be quite an expensive material to work with, so many customers simply opt for matching Upstands, and perhaps a Cooker Splashback. 

Image source unknown

An alternative to Quartz Splashbacks is 6mm thick Slate. This is a natural stone product that has been refined during the manufacturing process. The panels can be cut with a heavy duty pair of scissors, and can therefore be easily fitted around sockets and obstacles. Available in around 20 colours and textures, it’s becoming one of our favourite materials to work with. Ask a member of staff for more information. 


Metal Splashbacks generally went out of fashion a few years ago, with most people removing their Stainless Steel Splashbacks in favour of glass. However, the recent love affair with Copper has seen a surge in demand for Copper Splashbacks. Ask a member of staff for more information. 

5. Upstands

‘Upstands’ are a matching 10cm Mini-Splashback that is fitted above Worktops to create wall protection. These are available to match Stone, Laminate and Real Wood Worktops. More budget friendly than tiling or glass, Upstands provide a smart finish, and leave clients the opportunity to change the look of their kitchen by simply painting the walls above for a fresh look. 

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