Laundry Room – Cultra

Completion : 2019
Cambridge laminate door- Half Harbour Grey by Zoffany
Silestone Calacatta Worksurfaces

About the space:

This space is home to Jemima Robinson of J’Adore Decor in Cultra, County Down.

As can be seen, this stunning space is not particularly large and has a challenging ceiling height of just 2.2m. In order to maximise storage here, we needed to be clever about how it would be arranged.

Laundry is the main purpose of this space, so the design centres around the raised appliances. The washing machine and tumble dryer sit off the ground for easy access, so we chose to add drawers below so laundry baskets could be set in to place during use. No more sorting laundry on the floor!

There are handy cupboards above the appliances, but also a hanging rail to the right hand side. This is intended to hang easy-care or non-iron shirts when they come out of the tumble dryer. 

 The right hand wall consists of drawers, which hold laundry baskets. Each drawer holds dirty laundry with one type in each. Lights, Darks and Delicates. 

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