Viridian & Copper

Completion : 2020
Viridian Cross Grained Doors
Dekton Trillium work surfaces

About the space:

This bold kitchen was undertaken as part of a full house renovation by Raymond & Linda in Bangor County Down. No strangers to colour or texture, their whole home is daring but elegant in just the right balance.

Unlike many clients we work with, Raymond had a very clear idea of the colours and materials he wanted in his new space, all he needed was our help to work out the layout.

¬†Although generous in size, this space needed to house a lot of appliances and needs. Including a full fridge, a freezer, a washing machine and tumble drier to name a few. However, you’ll see from the gallery we’ve managed to accommodate all of this and more.

As is typical of open plan living, this kitchen shares the floor plan with a dining room and reading area- so it was important that it didn’t feel too domestic. The island was key to achieving a balanced look. It’s striking Dekton Trillium work surfaces create a dramatic statement, making the island feel more part of the interior architecture rather than the cooking and eating space that it obviously is. This is helped in part by the Iron grey De Dietrich Induction Hob which blends in to the work surface.

As well as striking viridian, a burnished copper accent door was used on the wall cabinets to add depth to the scheme. 


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