Minimalist White

Completion : 2019
Matte White & Light Grey
Silestone White Storm work surfaces.

About the space:

As can be seen, this kitchen belongs to fans of modern minimalism!

Anne & John are purests who love clean lines, minimal maintenance and no clutter. Their original kitchen was installed in the 1970’s and was avocado gloss in a similarly modern arrangement. We were surprised to learn the age of the kitchen, as it looked as new as the day it was installed, so we knew the replacement needed to add value, and improve upon what was there.

Anne was keen for a modern update, but even higher on her list of priorities was accessibility. The layout of the space remained similar to the existing, however the new kitchen needed to have more useable cabinets with drawers and pull-out systems. 

We opted for a handleless rail system, slim worktop and Blum Orion Grey drawers everywhere. The Base cabinets are a subtle light grey, and the upper cabinets are pure white. 

Every single cabinet was meticulously planned, and storage solutions added where possible. Even the extractor fan cabinet has been optimised!


January sale is now on. 15% of new kitchens and 10% of refurbishments.

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