Beautiful in Basalt

Completion : 2016
Matte Basalt
Stainless Steel Work Surfaces

About the space:

We have a very special affection for this kitchen, as it was the very first one we ever designed and installed!

Ashley & Kyle’s spectacular home in Groomsport, County Down has breathtaking sea views, and their existing kitchen was already pretty special in a striking crimson red.

Their brief was something modern that would not detract from the amazing views. It needed to be beautifully designed, but also family friendly. 

We presented this gorgeous Matte Basalt door on our first meeting which was an instant hit. This was suggested, along with stainless steel to compliment the changing landscape outside.  

The kitchen is over six metres long, so the hob is quite far from the windows on the opposite side. The room has a view of the Copeland Islands, so we wanted to find a way of bringing the view further in to the room. With this in mind, reflective glass appliances were chosen, along with a glass splashback taking up the entire back wall. These have acted like giant mirrors  bringing the view right down in to the back of the space.

Clever storage tricks were important as this design relies on minimalism, with nothing on the work surfaces or island.  Ashley’s coffee machine is her pride and joy, however there was no obvious home for this on the work surface. A clever pull-out system was designed within a cabinet. The coffee machine pulls out for use/maintenance and simply pushes back in to the cabinet when not in use. 

January sale is now on. 15% of new kitchens and 10% of refurbishments.

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