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Book Club

As much as we are big fans of the digital age, we believe you still can't beat a good book! When wanting to disconnect from the internet and our phones, there's nothing better than pouring a coffee/ glass of wine and holding a book in our hands to grab some...

Larders- A kitchen essential

If you've ever met me or any of my team, chances are we've talked about a larder within the first few minutes of meeting. We're so passionate about storage that all of the kitchens we've fitted in the last two years have included a larder in their layout!The beauty of...

Bold as Brass

One of the biggest trends you’ll discover in 2017/18 is Brass. From handles to lighting, brass is back and it looks better than ever!

Finishing Touches: Walls

Depending on the age of your home, the style of your new cabinets and the colour scheme you have chosen Рcertain colours, materials and finishes will be more suitable for your room.

Finishing Touches: Accessories

So you have gone through an entire design process to create your dream kitchen. Selecting worktops, doors, handles and splashbacks. Now it’s time to decorate your new kitchen with matching accessories.

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